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A Study in Ashes: Book Three in The Baskerville Affair

A Study in Ashes - Emma Jane Holloway A brilliant wrap up of all the things building during the first two books of The Baskerville Affair! I already mentioned last week that this series was awesome. Fast, furious, full of wonderful gadgetry, magic, treachery, danger and complex intrigues. I was glued to the books, satisfied with the ending and hopeful for more instalments in the future.

Poor Evie does not get a break after the events in A Study in Darkness, and the third book becomes even more Gothic and intense as all the plot knots start unravelling.

I'm glad that what felt like a love triangle in book #1, completely resolves itself by the end of the second book, which is only natural in the set of circumstances. Both Tobias and Evelina get on with their lives and various challenges they represent, and outgrow their feelings for each other, especially Evie who sees Tobias far more clearly than he sees her, and who typically fell in love with him like most of us - for his potential, not for his actions.

Nick stays his scrumptious self and I as usual do not have any complaints about his dashing piratical persona - he is a lovely character! *grinning maniacally*

Evie... *raises her glass* is going to the dark side, and oh boy, when she goes - she goes. This is one of the reasons why this book was so fascinating for me to read. That pull of dark magic she experiencing is only gonna get stronger in A Study of Ashes, and actually she deals with it in a spectacular way.

Much of the book is also dedicated to Imogen, Mouse and Bird's adventures. While they were not bad, they were not my favourite part of the plot even if they gave the reader more interactions with Bucky and charming Poppy.

Overall, A Study in Ashes brings all the characters together in an explosive way. Expect some dark twists, shocking deaths and epic battles. I'll say no more as I don't want to give you any spoilers. Highly recommended.