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Raw - Belle Aurora DNF at about 60% then skimming until 70%. It was pretty revolting, peeps. No redeeming qualities for both hero and heroine, and I could not understand what have kept her with him. She had no sense of self-preservation. None. I reckon they were both psychos.
Otherwise I can't explain your boyfriend bashing someone's head in while you're standing there and all you are upset about is that he said that you are "one of his girls" not "the girl".
He is not only psycho, he is a drug lord and he kills in this book and mutilates someone. So, NO. Count me out.

I usually don't post DNF reviews, but this type of book riled me up, although I do respect author's note that this was a story of love gone wrong. Despite my love of BDSM, kinky books, this was way beyond my tolerance levels.