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Lineage - Skyla Dawn Cameron While this is a not bad book, so far it's the weakest in the series, peeps. I'm trying to think rationally about things that made it so and all I can come with is that Peri is not a very likeable character and she is outshadowed constantly by Zara Lain.

Peri is a quarter-demon who found out about her powers when her husband and two kids died in a blast of the initial attacks around the globe in the first book of the series. She lives for revenge and works for the secret organisation which promised her to find the man who blew up her loved ones.

When her superiors send her for answers to Zara Lain, our favorite vampire invites her to join the hunt for Court of the Veil just for the fun of it, and while they are at it they might as well stop the upcoming apocalypse. No pressure or anything!

Peri doesn't like herself and she half-dislikes, half-admires Zara. Her need for revenge makes her so morally ambiguous, she doesn't appreciate what other people do for her and she is quick to abandon them or even betray them. This was my major complaint about our gal. Zara works for her own benefit, it's true, but she has wherewithal to make it everyone's benefit and make money at the same time. Peri does not.

Still, Peri manages to redeem herself in the end, and I'm pretty sure I'll see her again in Exhumed and maybe, just maybe like her more. Otherwise, it's an okay read but not my favorite.