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Tempered (The St. Croix Chronicles, #4)

Tempered (The St. Croix Chronicles, #4) - Karina Cooper This is a very different books from the rest of the series, like a quiet before the storm, and I have to say, that it surprised and delighted me at the same time.

Corroded was really dark. All that desperation and pain and hurt led to an explosive ending which left us all feeling hollow, and this is how Tempered starts. Cherry goes through all the expected motions of a recovering addict, but what intermixes with such a recovery is a fascinating twist.

One word, Ashmore. Her old guardian, who is apparently not so old and not so scary. In some ways he might even give Hawke a run for his money. *gasp* He is the one, who saves broken and suicidal Cherry and he is the one who is giving her means to go on when she discovers the darkest secrets of her family line. Secrets that I suspect is a major reason behind her emotional and mental instability.

This book is quiet, but it is full of revelations and some pretty steamy moments. It's also Gothic and delves into much more metaphysics and alchemy that I've ever expected to see. I know at last why each book of this series is named in such a peculiar way! Two words - alchemical transformations. *grin* I loved that it gave the series a very new and powerful direction and I can not wait to see what will happen next. Very much recommended.