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Prince of Hearts (The Elders and Welders Chronicles, #1)

Prince of Hearts (The Elders and Welders Chronicles, #1) - Margaret Foxe A light, fun, very enjoyable and pretty steamy read, ladies and gents! I will definitely recommend this to any fans of steampunk romance.

I only heard about Margaret Foxe last December and I confess that her marvellous cover swayed my opinion into buying and reading the book almost immediately. The main hero being a Russian prince was just a big, fat bonus point. *grinning*

The plot is essentially an easy to follow murder mystery slash romance, the world-building is thorough, but what really got me was the main heroine, Miss Finch was just riddled with wonderful flaws.

She was a horrible gambler, a penny dreadful story writer and a formidable blue stocking. I just adored her! You see, Miss Finch has been a long term secretary for Professor Romanov and she has had enough.

He is an impossible, stubborn, overbearing, extremely demanding and driven by his obsession with solving murder mysteries employer. He is also brooding and dark and a beautiful man with a string of mistresses following him around. She can't stand him, he doesn't notice her enough, and yet... nothing is as it seems. You know what is going to happen, right?

They will fall madly in love with each other among the danger and the impossibility of it all.

So if you need a bit of warmth and laughter in one of my favorite genres to start new year with a bang, this will be a nice reading choice. I'm going to read book #2 at some point, and hope you'll give Prince of Hearts a go.