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Aden (Vampires in America, #7)

Aden (Vampires in America, #7) - D.B. Reynolds 4.5/5
I always know I can rely on D.B. Reynolds to deliver exactly what I want, so when Aden came out I snatched that book straight away. I love my comfort food, and this is what it is for me - cool non-technophobic mafia-like American vampire lords fighting for their territory, and strong, gutsy and clever women with whom they hook up. Total win.

It's never a straight up paranormal romance, more like a mix of one with some urban fantasy, which works great if you are more of a fan of UF than PNR.

Aden is someone we met in Lucas's book, and at that point he didn't impress me as a reader with his chauvinistic attitude towards women. Never fear, the mighty lord falls hard when he meets the right woman. *grinning*

Sidonie is a beautiful, self-assured reporter, who tries to find justice for her friend by exposing Chicago's slave trade which was ruled by city's previous vampire lord.

In Aden who started his life as a slave Sidonie finds more than a willing supporter for her cause, but he also admires her and wants to have her for his own. Add to it a battle of strong wills, a spice of danger, a slightly kinkier sexual preferences than I'm used to in D.B.'s books, and it's a fast, dynamic and enjoyable read.

My only complaint is that it felt too short and didn't have enough Cyn for my liking. Very much recommended to fans of Elizabeth Hunter and anyone else.