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Vigilant - Angel Lawson Goodreads shelves this book as urban fantasy, but I would say this is a contemporary fantasy with a slight superhero twist.

Ari is a young social worker who loves her job and worries about the teens she is helping constantly. To keep her stress at bay she hits the gym, has a new tattoo once in a while and dances with abandon in the neighboring nightclub.

When a local superhero, Vigilante, saves her from attention of robbers in a shop she happens to be, her fascination with the mysterious man in a hoodie grows, and she is dying to find out who he is.

At the same time, teenage girls from her work cases keep going missing and their friends spread stories about kidnappings and being forced into prostitution on the threat of death.

The charming lawyer, Ari is seeing is not taking her seriously but the same can't be said about a charismatic director of a new program for the troubled teens which involves a fight club-like structure and a hell of a lot of discipline. Davis listens to her, they have a wild spark going on between them and a lot of hidden secrets, which come out when Ari and Davis start investigating the disappearances together along with attacks on Ari herself.

Lovely, interesting, refreshing, well-developed story of superheroes vs villains, and ordinary but gutsy gals in between. Recommended. By the way, Fangirl by Angel Lawson is also an excellent read!