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The Bro-Magnet (Nice Guy, #1)

The Bro-Magnet (Nice Guy, #1) - Lauren Baratz-Logsted If I could describe this book in one word, I would have said "adorable". Perfect summer chick-lit, full of good humor and charm.

Yet again, this book caught my attention long time ago because of an excellent review from Dear Author and yet again I wasn't disappointed when I followed their recommendation.

Johnny Smith is an attractive, healthy guy in his mid-thirties with a steady income, but he's got a huge problem. All his life he's been a man's man: guys love him and want to be his best friends, women think he is an asshole, because he does and says awkward things around them all with good intentions, but they get completely misinterpreted by fair sex.

He is funny, clever, has a really quirky sense of humor and he is very good-natured, so when he meets District Attorney Helen Troy he is determined to turn the tide over, even if he needs to pretend to be a totally different person.

Johnny changes his name to John, buys a new wardrobe, Dating for Dummies manual, redecorates his house, gets a cat and ditches his sport magazines pretending to like opera instead.

...and it helps. Helen goes out with him and they hit it off marvelously. Only how far would you go with all the lies without letting a woman you love to get to know real you?

The book has plenty of hilarious situations, advice on dating, a charming ragtag supporting crew of secondary characters and beautiful happy ending. I recommend it wholeheartedly, especially to those of you who like romantic comedy.