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Dead Harvest (The Collector, #1)

Dead Harvest (The Collector, #1) - Chris F. Holm I freaking loved this book! It's got this "too cool for school" feel that only male authors seem to pull off.

Angels and demons battle for the control and a possibility of Armageddon in the making, a lowly collector of souls gets sent off to New York to collect a soul of a mass murderer. Looks like a straightforward job for Sam, but when he looks into the girl's soul, he sees that she is innocent. To collect her soul for Hell means to jump start End of Days, and no demons or angels want that.

Now Sam has to work really fast to find out who is behind the set up while the body count rises in an escalated war between both sides and a powerful psychotic collector Bishop, who thinks he is godlike, is sent to finish Sam's job...

The book is jam packed with action, twisted evil demons (oooh, the scene in the underground!) and intense fight or flight situations. If you like Constantine, you most certainly will like Dead Harvest.

Sam is pretty creepy because he doesn't have his own body as a soul collector. He borrows bodies in the morgues, and in emergencies he can possess a live body and mind, but he's got a very strong character and inner righteousness and he doesn't allow himself to bend or abuse his powers.

I loved all the characters in this book. They are an odd bunch, a child, a murderer, a homeless schizophreniac and a walking dead/possessed but they make do as a team, and that's what matters the most. Recommended to all fans of UF with male protagonists. An excellent read!