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Dark Magick ( The Gatekeeper Series #1)

Dark Magick ( The Gatekeeper Series #1) - Stacey Thompson-Geer,  Stevie Trinity 3.5/10
Despite some annoying spelling mistakes and typos, messy unclear plot and abrupt transitions I very much liked this book.

Authors managed to create a captivating story of two witches and freedom fighters, Rhea and Lynn, trying to survive and save the world in post-apocalyptic society.

If I understood correctly, in 2012 the planets aligned and witches and warlocks around the world received great powers. The government (I presume, US government) which was secretly gathering anyone who could do magick unwittingly managed to open the gates between different dimensions and our world, and lots of powerful alien creatures almost destroyed Earth and killed huge amount of people.

The government blamed witches for what happened, and now they are hunted and used or killed by different territories in their power games.

Rhea and Lynn had foreseen the war and prepared an escape plan for their families. Now they operate from Retreat in the forest, surrounded by powerful magical wards, gather the surviving witches and fight against their enemies - Acacia and Karelian. They are also trying to find Tara, a young girl, who is a possible Gatekeeper, a being who can close the gates between dimensions.

There is a lot of confusion in the plot, what with dual narrators, present and past POVs, jumps between visions and past lives, but there are also great magical battles, potions and two very strong heroines, whom I liked.

There are quite a lot of characters, and the cast is getting bigger the closer you are to the end. I finished the book with even more questions than I had in the beginning. But I admit, I'm intrigued with the world and very curious to find out what happens next.

Verdict: definitely worth reading and would make a great movie. Reminded me of Heroes.