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Broken Angel (House Phoenix, #1)

Broken Angel - S.W. Vaughn 4.5/5

It was an unexpectedly brilliant book! I downloaded it as a free read assuming that it will be another paranormal about angels. No such thing.

The author herself, who we know as Sonya Bateman calls herself a pioneer in street fighting fiction, and I can only agree with her.

Despite the author's warning I was unprepared to deal with explosive violence at the beginning, but once I got past it, I enjoyed the book immensely. I realised that the making of Gabriel as Angel couldn't be complete without showing so graphically what he went through to become an excellent fighter.

The book is brutal, the fights are fantastic, the psychology behind the characters is amazing, and a lot of them are not who we presume they are. There are no pure villains or goodies, instead there is a lot of gray and plenty of reasons behind horrendous behaviour like it happens in real life. No one is one-dimensional.

I loved Jenner, Slade's sadistic lieutenant. He is a fascinating character who has his own book, I hear. So far there are three more books in these series, and I plan to read them all. If you think you would enjoy a hybrid of Kick Boxer and Fight Club, this book is for you.