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The Rosie Project: A Novel

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion What an awesome read, ladies and gents! I've been hearing things about this book for awhile. My friend, Joy, mentioned it, and it's even participated in Goodreads Best Reads for 2013, so obviously something was done right.

The main character, Don, is a geneticist with an Asperger's Syndrome. In many ways he is a genius, but what is typical for people diagnosed with Asperger's he thinks and acts completely different from the rest of us. His days are meticulously scheduled by the minute, his life is completely logical, touch disturbs him, emotions throw his system into a shut down. What Don realises though, is that he is lonely, and in a typical manner for him he embarks onto The Wife Project.

A lot of hilarity ensues, especially when he meets what one of his only two friends calls "a wild card". Rosie is a fiery, red headed, alternative, free-thinking, chain-smoking and drinking bartender - everything he doesn't want in his life partner, and... she is perfect for him.

Rosie on the other hand is obsessed with finding her biological father, and inexplicably Don tries to help her by collecting DNA of 30+ potential fathers illegally and amorally. So what if on the way to their goal, Don has to learn how to mix cocktails or dance tango? It's... surprisingly fun. Most fun he had in years.

This book is wonderful, touching, funny, very romantic and a tad sad, because while the reader giggles over Don's adventures, he still feels for him and his struggles in this strange, irrational world. Highly recommended.