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Blood Trade: A Jane Yellowrock Novel

Blood Trade - Faith Hunter Don't get me wrong. The book itself wasn't bad, it's the direction or lack of it for the whole series that I'm having issues with.

The earlier Jane Yellowrock I loved. First three books are brilliant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any urban fantasy fan, but ultimately the series is stuck in a rut, it's not developing and it's not leading the reader anywhere. There is also nothing to look forward to after the book is finished.

Leo is still on the back burner, Rick is an angsty mother*ucker who wants to have the cake and eat it, and Bruiser is not even cute anymore. In fact this is very much reminds me of Anita Blake's chastity for the first nine books in the series until she lets loose with a vengeance. Only I suspect that Jane would never let loose.

I am also having issues with 3-4 pages in a row discussing Jane's weaponry or retelling what happened in the previous books, so despite my immense respect for the author and my love of the first few books I'm bailing out on the series in general. I just have no patience for this anymore.