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The Dom Project (LA Doms)

The Dom Project - Heloise  Belleau, Solace Ames Don't expect anything dark or super steamy, peeps. Instead this is short and sweet and romantic. I loved how The Dom Project was about two close friends finally finding love with each other.

Both John and Robin were so adorable that sometimes I couldn't quite believe in John switching into his dominant mode and ordering Robin around. They were certainly an interesting couple as well.

Robin, small and very self-assured librarian looking gal and John - all gorgeous limbs, tall, tattooed American Chinese work together in the university. While Robin unsuccessfully tries to find her perfect Dom because this is the type of relationship she craves, John has been into the lifestyle for years and kept it secret from Robin whom he always fancied but considered pretty straight.

When they discover that their interests align both are wary of losing their friendship if their other relationship fail, so John goes very slowly trying to help Robin with her fantasies while both become increasingly unsatisfied with the boundaries they set for each other. I don't have to tell you that when their boiling point is reached, it's all very satisfying.

There is also a side story as well where they both chase the collection of mysterious old pornographic photographs for the university which works with the main story nicely. Overall, a nice light read. Recommended as a bookish snack.