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No Good Duke Goes Unpunished: The Third Rule of Scoundrels

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean Alright, it might be just me, but this was only nice. Sarah MacLean is a lovely author, and I find her first couple of books awesome, however, the last few were just nice for me.

I don't know why I'm not enjoying her writing more. Both Temple and Mara were extremely interesting characters, and I admired this couple. But... I couldn't connect to them. All the good stuff was just touched up - the orphanage, Mara's mysterious medicinal skills, Temple's life beside the one in the ring.

Oh yes, they were mentioned, but don't expect any juicy details - there were none. There were also no descriptions of Mara's past, and how Temple ended up on the streets. Was there an investigation? Did his dad throw him out? What happened?

That's what made this book just nice and not great. The ending though... It really made me curious of Chase's story. I'm quite looking forward to the forth rule of scoundrels, peeps! Recommended with slight reservations.