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Deeper: A Novel (Caroline & West)

Deeper - Robin York What a fantastic read!

I've been very selective, you can even say "cautious" about New Adult genre, and so far it's paid off. I have been incredibly lucky discovering such authors like Tammara Webber, Jen Frederick, Rebecca Harrington and Lauren Miller.

I think I can safely add Ruthie Knox aka Robin York to this list.

The writing feels very intimate and interchanges between Caroline and West's POVs. Both are wholesome, complex characters with real life issues which doesn't allow for easy solutions.

Caro's sexual pictures have been taken under pressure by her long-term boyfriend, and when she broke up with him he posted them on porn sites with her full name and hometown. This is called revenge porn and is apparently quite a common occurrence which doesn't allow the victims any sort of protection under the current law.

Caro is left dealing with the wreckage of her dreams of future law school and picking up the pieces of her self-esteem while dealing with constant bullying and cyber-bullying.

West is a perceived bad boy in her university with whom she had a semi-friendly relationship up until her turning into a social outcast.

The book starts at the lowest point in her life and through interactions between Caroline and West slowly heals their emotional wounds.

I loved how real everything felt, the talks, the overnight baking sessions, the uneasy emotional pull and push and even extremely hot sex. Add to it West's family situation with absolutely no easy way to shed his problems, and Caroline's fight to reclaim her identity, finish it off with heart-wrenching ending, and you have one powerful read.

Deeper left me almost in tears and with a heavy heart, but I think this was how it supposed to end. It was exactly right. Highly recommended.