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Delia's Shadow

Delia's Shadow - Jaime Lee Moyer To be honest I was expecting some sort of historical YA fiction, pretty light, slightly paranormal, with a heavy accent on a love story.

Instead this book is dark, sinister and gripping. It's a paranormal thriller, and I really think the fans of Amanda Stevens would appreciate it the most. Also, it's not a YA.

Delia Martin is a young woman who has been seeing ghosts all her life. She even moved to New York to get away from them, but now there is a certain ghost that haunts her, and Delia has a feeling that she needs to get back to San Francisco to get rid of her Shadow.

She goes home to help her best friend to plan a wedding while the city is suffering from a series of chilling, vicious killings. Her best friend's fiance and his friend are the detectives in charge of the murder case, and when Delia meets them both, it becomes clear to her that her Shadow is somehow connected to these killings...

Delia will need the help of both detectives, a very powerful psychic, a horde of ghosts and her bright-eyed best friend to find the killer and put her Shadow to rest. A great read that grips you with a sense of undeniable urgency that won't let go until the killer is caught. Recommended.