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Daughter of the God-King

Daughter of the God-King - Anne Cleeland I'm honestly loving this series. First Tainted Angel and now this wonderful book! I swear, despite somewhat dry, slightly detached way of telling the story, Anne Cleeland creates such sharp characters, I can't stay away from their adventures.

Hathor comes to Paris in search of her childhood friend hoping to persuade him to marry her because she is sick to death of staying in the countryside while her famous parents egyptologists trot all over Egypt and Europe in search of adventures.

Instead she finds that her parents are missing, her friend is engaged and a lot of shady diplomats and spies want something from her. With the help of her fearless companion Miss Bing, Hattie escapes to Cairo and start looking for her parents relying on deliciously wily Monsieur Berry.

Berry... can I just sigh right here? Him and Hattie are amazing together. The romance is really dry and not very showy or grand, but there is something about them both that really gets to me, especially in the end when it reaches its twist. I can't even tell you what it is without ruining the surprise for you, but I personally found it adorable.

There is plenty of layered intrigues and our heroes go from one bad situation to another with no breaks. My worry is that some readers will find this type of fiction somewhat dry, but I really enjoyed it. Recommended!