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Forsaken By the Others (H&W Investigations)

Forsaken by the Others - Jess Haines While I enjoyed the last two book of the series - Deceived by The Others and Stalking The Others immensely, I had a feeling that Forsaken by The Others was a book between books to get to a necessary new development in the plot.

I did enjoy it, but perhaps not as much as I expected to.

Shiarra and Sara are sent to Los Angeles to hide with a local master vampire while Royce is trying to sort the mess out left by Shia's belt back in New York. Instead of well deserved vacation the girls are thrown straight into another crazy situation, forced to investigate a necromancer who is using zombies to kill off vampires in the area.

Sara and Shia have to follow the trail of zombie parts (gross as it may sounds) and use old-fashioned powers of deduction and lots of legwork. They have to talk to all the crazies in town - the werewolves, the White Hats and one really wacky master vamp, and these are the parts I really enjoyed reading. It was great two see these two gals working together as detectives. Sara also got some well-deserved attention at last, because she had to reveal problems she's been struggling with since Shia got involved with the Others.

There is great humour and snarkiness which Jess Haines does so well, but there is also a very rushed plot development and a grand cliffhanger in the end, so be ready for a shocker. Another thing I did not agree with is Royce unwillingness to take the girls problems seriously and send some help. I definitely wasn't happy with his response, but this might be just my quirk. *wink*

Overall, it's a very decent and fun story which you'll be able to read really fast as long as you're aware that it's a filler.