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To Seek a Master: Black Lace Classics

To Seek A Master - Monica Belle First of all, it's a relief to know that this is a reprint of 2009 edition, so all the comparisons to Fifty can stop now. Secondly, it's fun and flirty and it's based in Britain - yay for that!

Laura works as a PA for a company supplying energy panels. Every day she travels on a train to Cambridge and she has a nice fantasy in her head about her fellow commuters: handsome married Darcy, stoic dangerous Devil, the Hovis Boy, etc. She is bored, she is lonely and like millions other people she drifts along her life lacking direction.

Then she gets a torrid old historical novel from a charity shop and surprises the hell out of herself by getting off on the heroine spanked and tied up at the mercy of a villain. She attempts to have an affair to satisfy her fantasies but it goes horribly awry.

But then, there are weird emails on her work address from someone she calls The Controller, and Laura decides to follow his instructions to flush the mysterious stalker out. Of course, it has nothing to do with her getting a thrill from doing what the Controller orders her to do...

It's funny, slightly naive, hot and a little bit farcical. The latter made me think that surely to be in D/S relationship you have to be at least in upper middle class category? It's a pretty costly affair to have a dungeon, an array of proper toys and keep buying all these titillating clothes only to be torn and discarded... Maybe, this is a part of the massive allure BDSM books have for an ordinary reader? It gives you a weird sense of financial security and feeling of being protected and taken care of. But I digress.

It's a nice read, although I felt that it ended too abruptly. Recommended with slight reservations.