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Clockwork Mafia

Clockwork Mafia - Seleste deLaney Fun, short, intriguing and left me hungry for more. Ironically for Carina Press title, the romance is not what keeps you hanging in this book. The romance is just there like an afterthought.

What fascinates you is Henrietta's formidable character as a doctor and an inventor, and one pretty wicked villain made of clockwork and pure evil, - Gambini.

The rest, although interesting, - the kingdom of Badlands; the mafia headed by Don Lupo; larger than life, fierce Ever; the array of inventions by Henrietta and her father... fades a bit into the background.

I'd like to know more about Henri's father for example. How did he become this evil inventor and yet helped Carson's fiance's medical condition? What's Gambini's background? Why so much interest in St.Clair?

I'm pretty sure it's my own fault in missing out on the first book of this series, Badlands, which would have probably answered my questions. So make sure you read book one before you start Clockwork Mafia for a more satisfying experience. Otherwise it's a very engaging and easy read!