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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden)

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa *slight spoilers ahead*
Don't get me wrong. It's a very good book, but I felt like The Immortal Rules was written much better pace-wise.

The Eternity Cure for me dragged until maybe the last third of the book? The plot is pretty straightforward and easy to follow, and excuse me if I give you spoilers, but Ally - Zeke situation is getting old fast. I had hopes that she would leave him behind and moves on as a character, but despite all her words about how she changed, she holds onto this illusion of hope against all odds that they can be together.

Zeke on the other hand is this perfect devoted boyfriend that just miraculously reappears from nowhere at the moment she needs him most. Let's not forget that he is human who treks through the land full of Rabids, nasty raiders and vampires in a vain hope that he'll be able to find Ally and does get places faster than the girl herself. Why is that possible, I wonder?

However, despite all the drawbacks this book needs to be read because of Jackal. Yep, that Jackal, the Raider king and the second offspring of Kanin.

He is the biggest and the most delicious surprise of the book, the most well-rounded and developed character as well. You remember Spike when he was evil? Oh yeah, baby, that sarcasm just drips off Jackal, and he actually is the only person in this insane book who talks sense and doesn't hide from the truth.

I absolutely loved it and that moral dubiousness, that pendulum which you couldn't predict swinging right or wrong was what keeping me on the edge and shivering until the very end.

I also have to, just have to mention Sarren. The author did a great job painting him as a scary ass psychopath, and it's not often you meet someone that great as a villain in YA dystopians.

Overall, a great read, and I'm very much looking forward to the next book in this series. Miss Kagawa, don't be afraid to kill off your characters. Joss Whedon did it frequently and we loved him for it.