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Lush (A Delicious Novel)

Lush - Lauren Dane 3.5/5
It's a very cutesy, sweet and hot book, my first forage in Lauren Dane's writing, and I just couldn't resist. This has two of my favourite tropes in romance and anything else - rock singers and chefs. I kid you not. I love reading books and watching movies about chefs or anyone with a guitar and a sexy voice. Bring it on! :)

The plot is very straightforward and would have led to a nice uncomplicated relationship which forced the author to introduce some drama to make it all more exciting for us. Frankly I don't like reading about overreacting emotional female jerkiness as much as male one, and this is partly why I lowered my rating.

No matter what something looks like you give a chance to a person you love to explain, you don't just walk away, because believe me, not anyone will run after you to try and explain. Some will be too proud to bother. So Mary should have come off her high horse.

I also did not appreciate her overbearing friend who was meddling in her relationship...

Otherwise, Damien was a sweetheart, well worth holding onto like a bloody national treasure, and she should have recognised that :)

This was all just a tiny rant, which doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this lovely book, I was just grumpy and not appreciative of heroine's inability to accept something wonderful in her life with a simple thank you.