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The Prey (Hunt)

The Prey - Andrew Fukuda The Prey punches you in the gut just as much as The Hunt did. It might not be as horrifyingly intense as the previous book, but it still creeps the hell out of you.

When Gene, Sissy and the boys escape from The Hunt, they think their future is pretty straightforward: follow the river, get into the promised land of milk and honey...

What they get instead *SPOILERS AHEAD* is a very creepy village full of pregnant girls with bound feet and drunken fat Elders.

I admit first I was enraged. Why every bloody dystopia I read reduces a woman to a womb on two feet, seen but not heard, smiling and following orders? And these girls sure smile and sing all the time and talk about their sacred laws and earning right to go to Civilisation...

However, once we start digging under the surface, the design of the village makes a sort of a horrible sense. It's a horror story, peeps, and as such it chills you to the bone when the realisation hits closer to the end of the staggering scale of the group's difficulties in reaching what the Scientist promised.

My only complaint is that too much time was spent arguing in a face of immediate danger instead of acting, and because of that opportunities were missed.

I can not wait to read the next book in the series. The ending of The Prey leaves you breathless and slightly heartbroken. Highly recommended to all fans of paranormal horror and thrillers.