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Shades of London (2) - Ripper 2

The Madness Underneath - Maureen Johnson You know I absolutely loved The Name of The Star, right?

The Madness Underneath might not be as exciting, but it's darker, more bitter and mature. It's about a person who is dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy, and who is trying to cope.

After her parents take her to Bristol Rory feels adrift, she can't concentrate on anything, she can't study, she can't tell her therapist what really happened with her. So when the woman suggests she returns to London, she jumps at the chance and inevitably gets involved with the supernatural squad again.

No matter that she can't pick up her homework and is hopelessly behind on her studies, she only feels needed, useful and alive when she helps her friends deal with the ghosts. And they need her desperately. After Ripper destroyed the terminus, they've got no weapons and in danger of getting disbanded. However, Rory became a human terminus after the attack, and now can destroy the ghosts with a simple touch.

But it's really hard to deal with PTSD and it's even harder when your own squad thinks you are overly paranoid, so when a new therapist offers her help, Rory goes to her and spills the beans...

This is a book about humans and their treacherous nature, the ghosts merely provide the background. Beware of the ending, it came as a huge shock and broke my heart. I just. can't. Still feel upset thinking about it...

Utterly recommended as an excellent YA murder mystery.