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Archangel's Storm. by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter 5)

Archangel's Storm - Nalini Singh It looks to me that with Nalini each book is a hit or miss. Archangels' Storm was lovely. Both Jason and Mahiya are gorgeous characters, and reading about their love story, their interactions is pure pleasure.

Neha is interesting and complex archangel, however the intrigue itself is easy to guess from the very beginning, so if you want to have some sort of mystery in this book, ti's not going to happen.

There are also updates on Raphael and Elena, and we find out what Dmitri and his new wife are up to. There is a tiny insight into Raphael's mother and Lijuan, a bit of Venom and Ilium. I have to admit I enjoy Lijuan - she is a villain in almost every book, and she is someone I can't quite understand yet, purely because she operates on her own strange logic.

Overall, there is plenty of beauty in Archangel's Storm: lush Indian landscapes, architecture and even wonderful clothes that Mahiya is wearing, but above all, Jason and Mahiya's relationship is mesmerising and poetic. It's definitely refreshing to read something like that once in a while.