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Earth Thirst (The Arcadian Conflict)

Earth Thirst - Mark Teppo The closest I can compare Mark Teppo's writing style is Christopher Pike. He writes this refreshing mix of horror/paranormal thriller with almost brusque, military style and dizzying pace. I have to say, I really liked it once I got into it.

Teppo's vampires reminded me of Feehan's Dark Carpathians in one aspect - they live of the earth, it rejuvenates and heals them, but the more humans poison the planet the more difficult for them to survive - pollution, pesticides, various poisonous fluids and everything else that comes with technological "advance" kills them slowly but surely.

The vampires belong to Earth and communicate with it. They call themselves Arcadians and are known across the world as a radical eco-terrorist group.

We meet Silas first on a boat close to Japan while he and his fellow Arcadians observe a human eco group trying to stop Japanese corporation from whaling. On the same boat Silas notices an infamous independent journalist, Mere, whose life he once saved, and with whose fearlessness he became fascinated. Seeing Mere, Silas understand that there is some deep game, some unknown conspiracy involved if she investigates it, but what it is he only starts to find out later when he is on his own, injured, in the middle of toxic sea...

This book is full of conspiracies, global pharmaceutical corporations, mysterious human organisation working on creating weapons against Arcadians, genetic research and very gory fights.

Great strength of Earth Thirst is its original view on vampires, and its exotic locations from Easter Island to various countries in South America. It's a dizzying, puzzling, fast, action-packed and overall very exciting book. Recommended to all fans of Christopher Pike.