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The Trouble with Fate: A Mystwalker Novel

The Trouble With Fate - Leigh Evans 3.5/5
The Trouble With Fate has its merits, and it's definitely not a bad start for a first novel. I particularly liked Hedi's talent of mystwalking and wished for the author to explore it more than werewolves involvement.

Apparently Hedi is a mystwalker - a rare talent among Fae that is cherished by Fae courts where Mystwalkers are educated and become the bogeymen of Fae, invisible assassins who can drive anyone mad or even kill them in their sleep. There is one thing though. The Fae closed the borders between two worlds after Hedi's parents death, and her and her aunt stayed behind.

So this is the part I liked - Hedi's exploration of her talents, her trip into the mystworld and her animated amulet, Merry, who she constantly talks to.

Everything else felt a bit messy - the plot itself, the pace which was slow, patchy and uneven and even the characters' unusually fast development because the action itself only takes a few days and we still can't avoid the whole unfortunate business of true mates and/or imprinting which I really dislike in paranormal romance genre.

Werewolves of Miss Evans will appeal to the fans of Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs and Rachel Vincent - I liked them and their viciousness. I also liked the main villain and his rationalised cruelty. He was a bit of a snake. Cold and slow but with lightning fast strikes in between.

The whole ending is very intense and quite gory, and obviously creates a great buzz for the next book with its interesting twist. I just wished to hell the action was more even and linear, and the Fae side of the story was represented more equally, but I'll reserve my judgement until I read book #2.