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The Duchess War (The Brothers Sinister)

The Duchess War - Courtney Milan I always loved how honest Courtney Milan's writing feels. She has this wry, slick and oddly vulnerable voice that really hits the spot and makes you feel everything with her characters.

Both men and women in her novels are bashful, self-deprecating and at the same time spirited in a very rational way (translation: no TSTL heroes). I really really love that.

The Duchess War starts with a cliche - the duke hides in the library and sees this mousy little woman who finds the same hiding spot he is occupying at the moment to hide from her fiance.
However, the dynamic of conversation between these two, the spark, the game they start playing with each other totally blows your mind straight away.

And it only gets better and better throughout the book. This is a light, heartwarming, very touching, humorous and witty read. I laughed, I sighed with wonder and I cried just a tiny bit.

Now I will have to hold my tongue so as not to give you any spoilers, but if by any chance you love historical romance and haven't read Milan's books yet, you have to try her. She will blow you away. You will finish her book and walk away a better person.