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Model Spy (The Specialists)

Model Spy - Shannon Greenland (S. E. Green) 3.5/5
This was fun, light and not too silly. I could understand main characters and relate to them.

Kelly (nicknamed GiGi as in Girl Genius) is a computer whiz, a total geek, genius at what she does and she loves it. She can get lost in it to the point where she'll forget to eat and drink pursuing her passion.

When David recruits her for a group of teenage wannabe spies each of them with their unique calling, she is giving a fantastic opportunity to do what she loves and get praised for it. Although she does have to work on her social skills and get all round education too.

Then suddenly she has to go on a mission! Pretending to be a model no less. Totally out of her comfort zone. Which is where my rating of this book dropped a couple of notches because the author introduced us to a fake country with villains who have horrible accents and make-believe Russian names which would not make any sense to an Eastern European. Really, Shannon, really?!

I was "slightly" affronted because of the names. They were made of two surnames like Shnurkov Petrov or Alexandrov Mihailovski and we were supposed to believe that this was normal.


I don't think I'm explaining it well, peeps. Let's just say IT WAS BIZARRE and TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR. I know that majority of readers would not notice it, but I found it offensive that someone either did not give a fig to create normal names or did it for a laugh.

That issue aside I really enjoyed the adventures of teenage spies and Mission Impossible stunts in the dark, and role-playing, and general camaraderie amongst the team. It was genuinely nice, fun and relaxing.