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Chasing Magic

Chasing Magic - Stacia Kane Half a point less stronger than the previous book, Chasing Magic still managed to rock my socks. I just feel completely at loss for words. How Stacia continues writing such excellent UF series book after book?

Chess feels even darker and closer to the edge of oblivion and death in this book, her addiction is getting to its last stage I think, and like an elephant in the room becomes impossible to ignore by both men, Lex and Terrible.

I really really want her to start sorting herself out because you feel in your heart and dread the direction she is heading. Plus she gives her all to her fight against black magic and general evil, and drugs inhibit her a hell of a lot.

Her relationship with Terrible is even more poignant and heart-breaking in this book. Largely because Lex put a price on Terrible's head in a coming war between criminal lords. They try to hurry and really tell each other how they feel.

“Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So … ain’t even can breathe sometimes.”

Terrible, awww... He is so sweet with her, it reduces me to tears, his awkward honesty. They are both gorgeous characters, their chemistry is off the charts. There is this trembling intensity that goes through the whole book and it's definitely live or die book. Really, really dark, full of black magic killing people in a horrible way, full of shame from Chess for disappointing her mentor, full of her fear for Terrible's life and her determination to do anything to save him.

Fabulous series, again highly recommended!