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Vamplayers (Living Dead Love Story)

Vamplayers - Rusty Fischer Vamplayers is a cool and funny bookish equivalent of a B-movie, and I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. Certain books are just like that, you don't have high expectations of them, but they are cheesy, cheeky and gruesome enough, you forgive them their overabundance of cliches.

Lily's society is separated on Slayers and Sisters. Sisters infiltrate the school and prevent its infestation from the vampires who do not want to play by rules, while Slayers is the cavalry who saves everyone, destroying infestation which has already started.

Lily dreams of being a cool, sleek Slayer but year after year keeps failing her final exam and gets sent to a school after school, pretending to be a teenager to find and stop vamplayers.

This time is no different, however, while Lily is busy having fun with resident geeks, watching a marathon of zombie movies, her sisters get corrupted and soon stand against her in a company of a very powerful vamplayer. Now Lily and her team of scoobies have to use all their garlic and holy water to stop the evil from taking over the school.

Recommended. It will definitely cheer you up on a cold and depressing winter day.