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One Salt Sea: An October Daye Novel

One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire Seanan McGuire ripped poor Toby apart again. She just doesn't give her even a moment of respite. What an intense, gripping and fantastic read!

Toby nearly died in last book, and here she is again, thrown into an attempt to stop the war between Land fae and Undersea folks, because the sons of Duchess of Saltmist are kidnapped.

October and her friends have only three days to solve the case, and Toby works almost non-stop especially when her own daughter gets involved and the stakes in this dangerous game skyrocket...

Oh My God, people! My heart just couldn't bear the tension! Poor Toby, poor parents, unbelievably tough choices and tragic losses. Very dark, bitter ending of the book.

October Daye has come a very long way and evolved so much from a simple changeling detective in the beginning to a powerful, ruthless player. I can not wait to read Ashes of Honor and see what comes next.

Hugely recommend this series! First two books are a bit shaky, but from the 3rd onwards it's pure awesomeness.