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Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton OMG, what garbage! I think this is the last book of LKH I will ever read. I thought Flirt was her worst book, as I gave it 0 out of 10 rating, but this is seriously close...

There is no plot. There are token situations which regurgitate LKH previous books. Token hate from police, - check. Token explanation of her messy love life, - check. Token jealousy of Asher, - check. Token fear for her and petulance of her child lover who replaced grown up Nataniel on the bottom of her food chain, - check. Token ma petite, - check. Token people thinking that Anita is a monster, - check.

I'm so tired of the series going nowhere for so many years already, I just can't do it anymore. She's done, finished as a writer or sick of this series herself, because there is literally nothing new. Everything in this book can be found in previous ones. It feels like copy and paste job sometimes.

The only way you'll get through Kiss The Dead is by playing drinking game. By the end of it you'll be drunk as skunk and very hazy on the details.

Not recommended to anyone.