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Immortally Yours

Immortally Yours - Angie Fox Listen, peeps, I'm sure lots of people will like this book so much more than me. Unfortunately it was just not for me.

I got hooked by the first chapter because it was funny and unusual, but as I continued reading the book humour dwindled to almost nothing and angst rose way too much to be comfortable with the main hero and heroine.

I actually had no problem with Galen, he was consistent. It's Petra who was flopping around like fish out of water. She will, then she won't, then she will, then she won't. I got really tired of the emotional ups and downs.

Her angst made her behave like a petulant child and begrudge the improvements Galen made for her friends and colleagues in the camp, she also lost her spark and decisiveness of a good surgeon, and I just couldn't care for Petra anymore.

However the world itself is very interesting, and I would like it to be explored more. I especially loved the paranormal news network with the coverage of oracles wailing and tearing hair... It was hilarious.

Recommended to the fans of Alyssa Day, Jacquelin Frank and Elizabeth Naughton.