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FanGirl - Angel Lawson In a lot of ways this book reminded me of Between The Lines by Tammara Webber. Also there are no actual zombies here, peeps. So if you don't like zombie books, don't be afraid to read this one.

This novel was so funny and very close to my heart. It talked about crazy fandom, it involved text messages and silly Twitter conversations, Internet drama blown out of proportion and worry about stats, hits and website advertising...

All in all anyone who blogs or actively communicates on the web will be amused by the world of FanGirl!

Ruby Miller is your average girl who together with her friend Iris blogs about Zocopalypse - their favorite comics on their fan website Z.net. They are as crazy as Twilight fans in what they worship, but obviously much geekier.

When they decide to recreate a scene from Zocopalypse with zombie-fighter extraordinaire Alexandra, that video goes viral, they receive some sort of celebrity status and are invited to lead a parade on FantasyCon.

From now on Ruby and Iris's lives change, as the comics creator Gabe Foster invites them to take part in his upcoming TV series, specifically Ruby to play the role of Alexandra and Iris to cover the whole thing through their website.

Funny, sharp and fab.

I would say that it's a book in New Adult genre, because Ruby is 18 and most of the other characters are around this age. She is plunged into an unknown world of jealousy, paparazzi and hatemail, she also finds incredible people, takes her own measure and falls in love, all in course of one unforgettable summer.

Fangirl! is an amazing geekfest, which I invite you to join, especially, because the book is currently FREE on Kindle.