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Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost 3.5/5
I want to say to Once Burned "It's not you it's me." I love Vlad to bits, he is hilarious, sexy and one of my most favourite characters Jeaniene Frost has ever made (well, him and Ian).

However, while he was bloody brilliant as a secondary character to Cat and Bones, on his own he is a bit underwhelming. Maybe it's a combination of him and Leila, but they just didn't work for me as a couple. Chemistry, where art thou?

The book itself is entertaining, but just so, and not much happens here as this is beginning of a spin-off series.

Leila spends most of the time in Vlad's mansion, while he is searching for his mysterious enemy and they're sexing it up. Then her relatives are brought in for their own safety, they work on their issues and have a heartfelt reunion... Vlad finds his enemy, who just would. not. die.


Anyway, I know I'm in minority here, but after first 3-4 books of Night Huntress I started losing my enthusiasm, and can't seem to be as passionate about this world as I was before. Perhaps it's time to say farewell?