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Night Veil (Indigo Court)

Night Veil - Yasmine Galenorn *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*

Ha, I knew Lannan couldn't have been that bad and that sadistic!
But I digress.

Although Sisters of The Otherworld is still my favorite series from Yasmine Galenorn, Indigo Court is not far from it. All the trademarks of Yasmine are present - rich fantasy, messy relationships, and dark twisted intrigues.

It took me awhile to get into this book, but once I did I couldn't stop reading.

Cecily is still trying to save Grieve from Indigo Court; her small town loses more and more people to Shadow Hunters every day; vampires to whom Cecily is contracted pressure her to do their bidding; relationships at home get more and more tense; and Kaylin who is supposed to play important part in the destruction of Myst is in coma because his demon is trying to hatch...

It's all a hot mess, with some allies turning enemies and some enemies becoming allies, but I loved it! Cicely and Grieve, by the way to me are not as interesting as Lannan - a vampire to whom Cecily is contracted and who plays quite a dark and twisted game with her until someone else hurts the girl and then you see that there is so much more to him than you thought....

If you haven't read anything by Yasmine yet, do give her a try. She is definitely worth it.