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The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass 3.5/5
Egalley thanks to Harper Collins UK
To be honest, this book would have easily gotten 8.5/10 but the ending totally pissed me off.

It's fun, it's highly entertaining, romantic and visual. I even agreed with America's decision and rooted for prince Maxon all the way. She was way too condescending to poor guy, and don't get me started on her ex. He was effing unbelievable. As in unbelievably stupid.

Let's tell poor America that it's all over, break her heart because so sorry! I can't provide for you and I won't take anything from you. Well, eff you too, my dear boy! Then when involvement with her will condemn both of them to treason, he can't care less again and pursue the girl.

You know what this tells me of? Utter and pure selfishness. I would be extremely disappointed if he ever becomes a part of the cursed love triangle...

Now the competition is fun, the palace with its luscious meals, gowns and friendly servants reads like a fairy tale despite a vague threat of rebels, who like the bogeymen we hear about but never encounter. Even the mean and friendly girls are not too mean and friendly.

Maxon is likeable, America is tolerable and what's his name? Aspen - forgettable. I don't even know why the author made all that fuss about poor Wendy's review on Goodreads when it haven't harmed the popularity of her book in any way.

As to the end, it simply sucked. There is no conclusion, no round up of anything, it just ends metaphorically speaking in the middle of the sentence.

I don't like cliffhangers, but tolerate them, but this is an even more shameless try to ensure that we'll buy the next book, and nobody likes to be used or manipulated so blatantly. So yeah, read it but bear in mind that the ending will be disappointing.

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