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Storm (Elemental)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer 4.5/5
This was undeniably one of the better YAs I've read so far in 2012. The reason? The male characters were really well done, and there was such a variety of them too!

Hugely entertaining, refreshing in its paranormal aspects, with a decent, strong and stubborn female lead, Becca. However, there were few things I disliked about Becca I feel I have to mention:

A) Her best friend. Who the hell came up with this great idea of making a best friend an annoying and selfish b*tch? Frankly speaking, it puzzles me. Why would you want to be a friend with such a person? and yet we have a nuisance of a friend in Hush, Hush, in Fury and god only knows how many other YA books.

B) Her father. This is such a cliche especially in the light of a mystery villain as in there are only two strangers in this dinky little town, figure it out faster, people!, that I kept rolling my eyes.

C)Attempted rape issue turned bullying. Not good, people. Becca has balls to be brave about everything else except what happened between her and her ex-potential boyfriend. Why doesn't he tell him to go f*ck himself repeatedly, why doesn't she fight? If she has this psychological trauma why does she go to the party with him present and get drunk again? I'm sorry I fail to see consistent behaviour in her character.

Despite the drawbacks, Brigid's writing is so captivating and entertaining you can't stop yourself from reading the whole book in one go and wanting more, and in the end this is the only thing that matters.

Storm is fun, full of action, strong emotions and characters that you can't help loving or hating depending on their motives, which is so much better than boring characters. Classic setting of a small town with its horrible secrets and bloody vendettas with a paranormal twist.

If you are hungry for more of such literature, I recommend The Soulkeepers by G.P.Ching which features multicultural characters and elemental powers.