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Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Three

Hammered - Kevin Hearne 4.5/5
Bloody, bloody hell! A total annihilation, a massacre in the end. This is one of the best showdowns I've ever read in UF. This was how I felt...
*insert Holy Grail - Killer Bunny*

Undoubtedly the best book in series so far.

Atticus is absolutely marvellous in his particular ruthless Celtic practicality. Bound by his debt to Leif, he agrees to take him and a team of other supernaturals/gods mortally offended by Thor to Asgard to kill Thunder God.

Aticus being Atticus ties all the loose ends, arranges for everyone to be taken care of or to have an escape route in case of his death (and there is a strong possibility of his demise) and does his way of team bonding where each supernatural tells their story explaining why they want to kill Thor.

The stories are absolutely wonderful and give you a pretty good idea why Thor deserves to die. This is the first time I see him portrayed negatively in a book, and I really liked that.

Also, Perun, Slavic god of Thunder was totally awesome with his pigeon English, homemade vodka and generous Russian soul. I loved him!

The playful tone of the book in the beginning when Atticus journeys to Asgard for the first time to steal the apples of immortality very soon gives way to much darker and grimmer mood. The tension rises with each page and every story, and the last battle sequences are amazing.

This is what Kevin Hearne's talents are - you feel like you're right in the thick of it, pumped up on adrenaline, jittery and exhausted in the end. I have NO CLUE as to what happens next, but whatever it is it will be cardinally different from the first three books.

Well done, Kevin Hearne, very well done! Recommended for all fans of UF.