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Into the Wise Dark

Into the Wise Dark - Neesha Meminger The writing in this book reminded me a bit of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but if Laini Taylor uses bold and vivid colours, Neesha Meminger's tones are muted, pastel-like.

The ideas of the book were gorgeous - time travel to the mysterious ancient civilisation of Zanum, talented individuals able to manipulate the Dark, an evil mastermind who's been catching Ables and harvesting their energy through the ages...

...but I could not for the life of me immerse myself into the plot completely. Pammi's inner voice is wry and clever, but it's detached enough that whatever happens to her you don't feel much. Does it make any sense?

She is a lovely Indian girl with a caring misguided mom. What she experienced in the past when her mom took her to the psychologist concerned for her mental health makes a great impact on her present when she starts working with the girls who suffer from similar "mental problems". The girls are an interesting bunch, but again their personalities are muted enough that you don't feel much for them. I would say that Pammi is at her strongest with her boyfriend in Zanum. There you feel some connection.

The writing is really simplistic, and there is a certain charm in it. Overall, I liked the book, but it did not take me by storm as they say. However, the plot is interesting and refreshing, so don't let my imressions turn you away from this novel.