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Dark Predator (Carpathian)

Dark Predator - Christine Feehan I have so many words for this book, and none of them fit for your ears. So sorry, it's going to be an angry rant, not a review.

Dark Prince was THE BOOK which introduced me to the genre of paranormal romance, and for years I loved this series. The men were noble, the women were strong and powerful in their own right, some of them pretty awesome and kick-ass, even the plot was somewhat unique. Sadly, it all ended at Dark Slayer.

I though Dark Peril was the most god awful book in the series, surely. There was nothing in it apart from endless jungle descriptions and a parade of whorish clothing.

But here comes Dark Predator with Zacarias in it. The biggest jerk and misogynistic pig ever. Really, no really? Do we need a trip back to the 70s-80s bodice rippers? Because this is how it felt.

He is abusive, violent and I could find absolutely no excuse for his behavior. He laughs at Marguarita's expense. Sorry, wasn't funny. He violates her mind and her body.

There was a moment in the book when I almost DNF it. Marguarita's friend Julio touches her arm, and Zacarias attacks him, drinks his blood, leaves him unconscious and tells Marguarita something along the lines

"Do you want to be taken for a whore?"

Come-freaking-on! She is to wear only skirts. Not go anywhere or do anything without his permission or there is punishment. She behaves like a victim and makes excuses for his behavior.

I truly felt sick. If this is story of love, then Julia Roberts was a happy married woman in Sleeping with the Enemy.