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Ripper (A Ripper Novel)

Ripper - Amy Carol Reeves 4.25/5
I actually loved that book! Very much like Firelight, it brings distinct Gothic notes to the new type of historical paranormals, which is very refreshing.

The prose is vivid, luscious, mysterious and full of hidden meaning like Pre-Raphaelites paintings.

Arabella is very brave in the best traditions of Gothic literature. She grew up on the streets of Dublin where her mother, an estranged daughter of an aristocrat worked as a governess until she died. Then Arabella's grandmother brought her back to London and in an attempt to make the wild girl appreciate her luxuries and be grateful for them, she ordered Arabella to help out in a hospital in Whitechapel just at the time when the famous Ripper murders started...

I'll tell you straight away, that girl will surprise you with her tenacity and bloodthirstiness. I was pretty shocked in the end and cheering for her. Not once she whined or waited for her two gentlemen admirers to save her, and I loved every bit of it. She is unconventional, adventurous and knows her mind.

The world-building is not explored much, but it's such a fast, glorious, dark read, you forgive this book its drawbacks.

Recommended to everyone who loved Firelight by Kristen Callihan. The feel of the book is very similar to it.