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Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two)

Hexed - Kevin Hearne Iron Druid Chronicles are swiftly turning into one of my favourite series. These books are lively, quick witted and humorous.

Atticus might look like a simpleminded surfer dude, but he is a very cunning 2000 year old man, the last Druid on Earth. Don't expect "dark, gloomy and dangerous" vibe from him. He looks like a golden boy, he tries to feel happy all the time and makes friends wherever he goes.

His dog, Oberon, was a stroke of genius from Kevin Hearne. He is outrageously funny, you can't help but love him.

However, don't think, that it's all fun and games for Atticus. He is surrounded by jealous goddesses, death and destruction, he can be ruthless and swift in delivering his particular form of justice, and he is practical in what he needs to do to survive. I guess it comes from working with Earth and connecting to it all the time.


“They'll have to bring in Mulder an' Scully, because there ain't no CSI on the planet that'll ever be able to explain this.”

Hexed is choke full of action, brilliant dialogues and it's bittersweet. I cannot wait to get my hands on book #3! Recommended for any fan of Jim Butcher and Ben Aaronovitch.