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Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Blade  - Nalini Singh 4.5/5
I've enjoyed this book immensely because Nalini has a certain way with words. Her descriptions and worlds are wonderful, rich and compelling. Saying all that, however, I didn't like how the dangerous edge we've all been secretly enjoying in Dmitri seemed to have disappeared as soon as he met Honor.


Another cliche of paranormal romance or any romance is that the bad boy we all like magically turns into all that kind and good as soon as he meets the right woman. I think the only exception I ever saw was Barrons and Mac which what made Fever series so spectacular.

Dmitri meets poor, abused Honor during the case he is investigating, and straight away takes it upon himself to protect and avenge her. He keeps saying the right, edgy and seductive things, but our boy is all bark and no bite.

Honor is pretty standard and I didn't really see her personality develop to make her real to me, so I wouldn't view the relationship here as equal as Elena's and Raphael's.

However, what totally made that book were Dmitri's memories of his past and the man he had been before he was Made a vampire. That was genuine. That rang true.

The other aspect of the plot that I loved were his interactions with other vampires, how he played them and how much they were terrified of him. You could see that old Dmitri who amused us to no end pushing Elena's boundaries in previous books.

So yeah, leave it or take it. It would be worth reading for any Guild Hunter fan, and God knows, Book #4 was way better than book #2 and #3, but it still doesn't compare to the intensity of the first Guild Hunter.