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This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book 2

This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book 2 - Elizabeth Hunter Elemental Mysteries turned into one of the best paranormal series I've read this year. It's sharp, elegant, clever, evenly paced without dragging its feet and at the same time emotionally intense.

I'm extremely grateful that book #2 was just as strong as book #1. Expect the unexpected. This book is a free fall with a twist. You really don't know where you're going to land in the end... *grinning* I certainly didn't, and now I can't wait for book #3 to continue reading about Gio and Beatrice's adventures.

There are just so many things I like! The way Gio comes back into Beatrice's life, how she is introduced to his world, the intrigues and carefully woven dialogues. How strong a woman she becomes in the years he's been away...

Excellent, believable characters, fascinating world full of mystery and a great story line.

Very highly recommended.