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Slip Point

Slip Point - Karalynn Lee Egalley thanks to Carina Press
Sci-fi always makes me feel alive and feed my inner geek. This short novel is no exception. I tell you space pirates beat normal pirates any day (Jack Sparrow is an exception of course).

The story is easy, full of humour, presents one spunky heroine and one clever interesting hero, adventures in space, kidnapping, cloning and discovering alien race. Perfect for a first forage into sci-fi.

Shay and Jayce grew up together as friends and sweethearts dreaming of joining The Space Corps. When the day came. Jayce was recruited, but Shay was not because of her father's dark past.

She runs away still dreaming of flying a space ship, but instead of a soldier becomes a pirate. 10 years later childhood sweethearts meet up again forced to work on a secret mission together which can possibly save the human race. No pressure here.

What I love is the ease of interactions and underlying tenderness between the characters. There is no usual drama and excessive rage or bitterness. Sadness because of what was lost and sweet memories. I found it much more realistic this way. Shay's brilliant mind shows in her conversations and the couple generally works really well.

As for the plot, I'm not saying anything because the book is short as it is. I want to leave something for you to look forward to.

Overall, a quick and easy read.