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Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Guys, seriously. You know how rare for me is to read a paranormal romance and like it, but this book is amazing. 10/10 material. The blend is just so perfect.

The couple.

Dragos and Pia are both strong, self-deprecating, appreciate humour in any situation and admit they've been stupid and made mistakes without you reaching the point of longing to bash them over the head.

The world-building.

Is unique. The fae, wyr, vampires and other creatures co-exist with humans in an uneasy peace throughout the centuries. The blend of creatures is fascinating. Dragos is a huge dragon, but he is Wyr, which means he belongs to winged creatures. His lieutenants are griffin, thunderbird, harpy and couple of others I don't quite remember.

The pace.

Is fast enough to qualify for urban fantasy. They don't mop around, make silly mistakes and accuse each other of stupid sh*t. They go from crisis to crisis and act accordingly.

Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I've been buzzing ever since I've read this book and the buzz has't quite worn off yet.

I'm sorry, the message said.
The theft was a violation of privacy. It was a unbelievable act of impudence and disrespect. Not only that, it was - baffling. he was murderous, incandescent with fury. He was older than sin and could not remember when he had last been in such rage.
He looked at the paper again.
I'm sorry I had to take your penny. Here's another to replace it.
Yep, that's what it said.
One corner of his mouth twitched. He gave himself a deep shock when he burst into an explosive guffaw.

"All I took was a freaking penny. Besides I already gave you another one."
"You took a 1962 penny," Dragos said. His teeth were gritted. "You left a 1975 penny. It's no replacement."
She stared at him. "Oh my God, it's scary you noticed that."
"I know everything in my hoard and exactly where it is," he told her. "Down to the smallest piece."
"You could go to the doctor got checked out for OCD," she panted. "There might be medication for that."