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Red Phoenix: WITH White Tiger (Dark Heavens Trilogy)

Red Phoenix - Kylie Chan Absolutely loved it! It took me 5 hours straight to read this book. 560 pages. That's how good it was.

Again, non-stop action, fantastic battles, lots of intense situations, and Emma! Oh. My. God. I would never have thought in a million years she can be that. I was blown away.

Emma and John have some really sweet moments, and there is a lot going on. Obviously now, that she is Regent, there are plenty of assassination attempts on her life, especially on behalf of One Two Two aka Simon Wong, a disgusting demon who absolutely doesn't follow the code of honour and uses every awful malicious trick in the book to bring John's head to his dad.

Emma hires a new addition to Simone's bodyguards, a young and talented boy. She is also quite busy with other duties helping John to rebuild the mountain and train new warriors. John gets more and more drained of energy and it looks like they won't even have promised two years together. Even Simone's talents progress much faster than John thought and the girl finally finds out the whole truth about her dad.

There are couple of annoying moments. I didn't like how everyone kept telling Emma that she is extraordinary and how confident she was and how self-sacrificing to the point of being ridiculous. But perhaps I'm looking at it from the western point of view, and from the eastern point of view it was quite natural and expected.

Again there are plenty of fascinating details in book #2 to keep you hooked, and now I can't wait to find out what's going to happen in grand finale! A MUST READ for an urban fantasy fan.